Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Starting 2015!

Starting new year - 2015

It always seems I start out writing on my blog and then loose it somewhere along the line.
last I wrote was in July 2014.
Well I did not get either of those jobs. However, I did get another one. Exactly what I wanted. I am now working as a Customer Service rep 3 days a week for an insurance agency , Patterson Insurance Management in Odenton Maryland. And I am still a home care companion 2 days a week to the sweetest couple. I love both jobs.

summary up date : August and September uneventful, Oct celebrated 25 wedding anniversary to the Love of my life Gary! Then my beloved Father in Law Bernie got sick on October 25 he went into the hospital and then  to rehab and next hospice, finally passed away Dec4th.  I say finally, because for the last four years that is all he wanted. He lost the love of his life in 2010 and he was lonely and wanted to be with her. His heart was broken. The end of the year was tough.

2015 starts with January 1st, which would have been my father in laws 92 birthday. We intend on quietly celebrating the new year and his birthday.

I began  my diet on Medifast today. Two years ago it worked very well for me, then I had my accident, stopped medifast and eat back all my weight. Today is a new day and a new year.

Pray for me always, as I am.

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