Sunday, July 6, 2014

Thank you Lord, for a perfect Holiday weekend

On Wednesday and Thursday of this past week I had two job interviews. Both went well. After the first one I was hopeful, but really wanted the second one. I knew what the first one had to offer, salary, hours, benefits.The was okay, better than my current position. But I really didn't like the  hours 12 noon to 8:30 pm. I have never worked that shift, I really don't know how to adjust. I would 't see Gary until late evening and weekends.

I currently work 3 days a week and the other job I am considering is two days a week. Convenient. It's customer service for a personal lines insurance agency, no selling unless I want to. I figured I would have to make $20 an hour, in addition to the current job to equal the first job per week. No benefits, but I don't need them until December.dd

I prayed to God that He is in control and if this is the job He has in mind for me, He would show me.

I went to the interview , we connected very well.  I was told it was between me and another person, who the employer called and was trying to set up the interview.  He would get back to me by the 16th.

After I got home I got the from the first job with the offer. I really wanted the second job. So, after much discussion with my husband, I took a leap of faith and called the 2nd employer, I explained my situation. I didn't want to lose the chance of either of the jobs and I know I was being bold, but I wanted to know my chances. Because if I had a choice I would want to work for him, but he would have to offer it to me. We talked a while and he said he wanted to think about it overnight and would call me on Friday afternoon. I don't usually guard my phone , but that day from 12 noon on we could not be separated.  Around 4  I was beginning to doubt my to make that phone call. Maybe he didn't like his hand being what might seem as forced . But I continued to pray and at 5:30 my phone rang, I was offered in excess of what I figured I needed! God is so good to me!

I can keep my current part time job which I love, and work my new part time and be happy. The second job may go full time, but that would be later in the year.  I am so happy, I couldn't sleep!

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