Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Ministry at church

Together with a few people at church we have started a new quilting ministry. It's called the Comfort Sowers, based on 2 Corthians 1:3-4. We are sewing comfort squares to people to give to church friends, family and anyone who has a issue that they need a prayer for. We have been working feverishly to build our stock and hopefully be able to start giving the comfort squares out in June 2010.

This squares at butterflies for woman and a renewal of life and Fish for men , Fisher of men. they each have string attached and a person can say a prayer for the reciepent and then that person will know each time the look at it a prayer has been said for them.

PW tea

Our church (Harundale Presbyterian Church) is having a Tea on Saturday as a fund raiser for the missions we support and I am hosting a table. I have made these cards and lapel pins for my guests.

ice cream soda using liquid fabric and liquid glass

Close up this is so cool. The top looks like real whip cream and the glass is glossy like real glass.. awesome technique, I am in love with the stuff

Neighborhood crop

Some nieghbors and I have been getting to together and having crops... See the new photos and look for Roberta, Diana, Sheetal and Manuela.. also add Karla( I need a picture of ) They have come over a couple of times and Roberta and I have been teaching the others how to make cards, It's been great fun...

Last week my great christian friend Tammy Michael, from West Virigina joined us..I was awesome. I hadn't seen Tammy in a long time and she is a demonstrator for Close to My Heart scrapbooking /card making/clear stamps, etc. She came mainly to scrap... We learned a few new things from her. She worked closely with Manuela and Tammy taught us about liquid fabric and liquid glass... Great stuff! See my samples . We started at 3pm and ended at 9:15pm.. We lost track of time...

I am looking forward to more time with the neighbors... on April 24th we are having out annual earth day clean up... I will be doing crafts, we have been painting flower pots for the last couple of years It is a great hit... We will do it again this year.

recent cards

This is a baby card for my new great niece due in July.( maybe a birthday present for me.. July 19th)
I love the technique using liquid fabric to make the wool on the sheep... this is awesome...
well I thought is was a good idea to set a resolution or two for the new year I was wrong... I not only didn't exercise I also didn't update this blog.. But I am back!