Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Been awhile

Since I last wrote, I had what I think was a very successful Fund raiser for Lupus Foundation of America, For the 1st go at it we rasied $1300, Plan on doing next year. My Sister Suzie Q, came up from FLorida to help me, Thanks sis!  I was at the bank with my father in law and my husband. They were doing a transaction and I was sitting in thelounge area looking a a table tp book, there was an older man sitting across from me, when suddenly this middle aged man came into the bank rather quickly threw down what he was carrying and fell to his knees bowing to me and saying " i'm sorry", I was stunned , My husband was too! Apparently, he was meeting the older gentleman at the bank and was late, he apparently didn't know who he was meeting and thought it was me. I say the least it was quite funny and embarassing to him. Kinda made my day, My husband doesn't bow down like that. He told the man that he was making my husband look bad. The old man said he thought this guy was goint to propose to me. I said I didn't think my husband would like that!=:) I took my life health exam and passed, I am now able to write Life Insurance is Maryland.
Was suppose to appear in court as a witness for the state against the unlicensed non english speaking person who was driving a car that did not belong to her and hit me in January. When we got to court  There was a fire truck out front. We went in the court house, up stairs, check for our court room, and was told the building was being evacuated, We went out side about 20 minutes later us with the crowd others due in court were told to get away from building, The the Annapolis Exposive team arrive with dogs, and Gary over heard some court staff saying when they heard the dog barking, they got out of the building, apparently there was a suspious package. eventually Police offciers came by and told us that the court was closed for the day. Funny I didn't see a think about it on the news.
This weekend is Father's Day.  Happy Fathers's day to my Dad who is in Heaven with his father and HIS FATHER.  I miss you papa doodles!