Saturday, August 27, 2011

This a week I won't forget. August 23-27,2011

First on Tuesday we had a Earthquake.Yeah, I know, in Baltimore? It was about 150 miles away. But it shook Baltimore like mad. I was in a training class above a post office in in Arnold, Md , near Annapolis, Md.  At about  1:21 pm, the earth started moving.  I felt like a deer caught in the headlights! I paused in wonderment, I thought first the post office was being bombed, then when that didn't happen I thought a truck hit the building, I prayed and ran out of the building and I survived! now, I am waiting for  the hurricane that is about to hit between now and Sunday morning. Gary and I have brought in the  funiture in, cleaned the outside drain, praying, really praying that this storm will not knock down any of the many trees behind the house.  If it does I hope God blows them away from the house.
My grandson spent the evening with us on thrusday night and we watched part of the Ravens came, then a moive , Despeicable me, and he fell asleep and I watched the Ravens beat the redskins,, yesssss!
Today is my granddaughters 5th birthday, we will not forget Hurricane Irene, because it came on Maeve's 5th birthday!