Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy anniversary to Wickedgarderner and her Monster

I love you both and little wickedmonstergirl too!( you know I don't think of her as that!, she is really may sweet little angel girl!)
love Aunt Judy

Monday, September 8, 2008

my two quilts

It doesn't normally take two years to make two quilts, I have two others is very close stages of completion. I have also made to quilted sweatshirt jackets.

maeve's quilt

Just over a year ago I took up quilting. My first quilt was made from my grandson's (two) baby clothes.

This is my second completed qulit. (I am working on mt third and fourth) This is for my granddaughter Maeve. She is now 2. First I cross stitch her name.Then thought how could I frame it so it would be unique. I had a bunch of fabric, my mother had bought for me at a garage sale. So I decided to make a quilt. Then in January I joined a quilt group at church and was taught how to hand applique, I went a little nuts with that techinque, the large flowers on the top and bottom , the hands, the pink rabbitsand the large flowers on the yellow squares are all applique. But I couldn't stop there. I learned how to make yo-yo's and the five flowers above the cross stitch are yo-yo's. They hands are Maeve's hands at 18 months. I love bunnies so there are bunnies all over , can you see them all?

almost done with the pumpkin carvin'

This is been such a great time. I have only one more to make , several to add to this blog.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pumpkin Fun

Purple and pink pumkincastle and a Leopard skin with you inital cut out, in the back ground you can see a silver/gold pumkin, that is a Cinderella carriage, the other black one is a zebra strip. As the event coordinator for Michaels, this is one of the best parts of my Job!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My work is Fun!

I have been busy since I last checked in. But I am having loads of fun! Right now I get the pleasure of decorating for the fall. These items are made from small flower pots and wooden balls, I used acrylic paints and wiggly eyes, for the small birds I used flower petals for wings. I think they turned out cute!

Friday, July 11, 2008

happy birthday card

another handmade card using card stock, scrapbook paper, ribbon, brad, rubber stamp.

Monday, June 23, 2008

down the ocean Hon!

This past weekend we went down to the ocean with some friends. It was a great relaxing time. The condo is on the ocean with a view of the bay side too. so we have a sunrise on the ocean and a sunset on the bay. I took a few pictures ( 145) and these as just a few examples of the ones I loved.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crop for Life without Lupus

As you know I have Lupus , I am on the board of director for Lupus Mid- Atlantic. At this time I am beginning to organize a Crop for Life without Lupus. This will be a fundraiser to raise awareness for Lupus and raise funds for our Quality of life Program as well as research. In addition to the onsite location for the crop in Baltimore. I am encouraging Scrapbookers and card makers to reserve the dates of September 13 and 27th, to scrap for Lupus. You will be able to register on line and obtain a pledge sheet to obtain pledges for a flat dollar amount or so much per page or card you make on that day. I will keep you posted on the details. In the meantime save this date!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have no idea what this is, but again it's beautiful!
Mom says its a pincushion! it looks like it!

My garden is coming alive

Being in Maryland has a draw back on some flowers. Lilies are just starting to bloom. I'm sure there is a formal name for this flower and I am sure that Wicked Gardener can tell us what it is. I just think it is beautiful and know it is in the Lily family.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

card for my youngest grandson

Using my cricut new arrivals and beyond birthdays I made this card for my grandson who will be 3. Jr loves Thomas the train, so I made the train moving through a tunnel.
1. Stamp card stock to look like a tunnel.
2. You need to cut a strip in the lower part of the card and attach a "dot' to each train car and to a button on the other side of the dot. Put the button in the groove of the slot you cut.
3. Attach the cars with a black strip and brads.
4. Glue a strip of black paper larger than the slot to disquise the slot.

This may be my last picture of the baby robins

I went to take pictures today and all of the baby birds flew out of the nest and I was able to take a picture of George on the ground. I am not sure how long they will be around now that I know that they can fly. It is a bittersweet day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

simply seaside collection cards

These are greeting cards from my simply seaside collection. Stamped and just a touch of water color pencil.
Greeting inside as desired.

Wicked Gardener gets it from me!

This is honeysuckle. I love the smell of honeysuckle in the spring. I wish it would last all summer! This picture is dedicated to Wicked Gardener. She didn't know it but she gets her skills with photos and gardening from me :)

They are soooo Big!

I am simply amazed at the speed at which these birds are growing! This is the first time I have actually been this close to baby birds and watching them grow is awesome!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The baby birds have changed a lot since Saturday the 10th. Here they are on the 14th of May.
Someone asked me thier names, Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod and of course George!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to our mothers Pat and Dorothy! We love you both!
I had a nice mother's day. I went to church. Called my mom ( Pat) .My husband's family came over and we grilled before the rain set in. Our son and daughter called and we spoke to two of our grandchildren. It was wonderful!

Be Still

This is one my husband's favorite photos. The water is so still. I like the reflection in the water. I can't help but think what a great puzzle it would make.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update on the Robin's nest II

We discovered a 2nd Robin's Nest, this one had 4 eggs. I say had, because now we have 4 baby birds!

ladies luncheon favor

<-Front Back->

I went to a Ladies Luncheon for Mother's Day today. It was very nice. This was the favor that they give us as a reminder to pray for our missionaries.
It is so sweet. Made from a decortative hankey and card stock.
Thanks to Cedina and company- Women on Mission group at our Church. The Church at Severn Run.

simlpy seaside collection

This is my simply seaside collection of greeting cards. They can be used for birthday, anniversary, sympathy, keep in touch, friends, Mother's day, Father's day, any other occasion you can think of.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lupus Mid Atlantic

I recently participated in the Lupus Mid-Atlantic Community Walk. I have Lupus, but Lupus does not have me.
What is Lupus?
Lupus is a chronic,inflammatory disease in which the body's immune system fails to serve its normal protective functions and instead forms antibodies that attack healthy tissues and organs. You can think of it as your body being allergic to itself.
Causes of Lupus? the cause of Lupus is unknown. While scientists believe there is a genetic predisposition to the disease, it is known that certain factors also play a critical role in the setting off the disease:
antibiotics ( especially those in the sulfa group) or certain other medications
ultraviolet lights
extreme stress
Who gets Lupus? Between 1.2 and 2 million people have been told by a doctor they have lupus,making it more common than AIDS, cerebral palsy,multiple sclerosis, sickle-cell anemia and cystic fibrosis combined!
Lupus can occur at any age and in either sex, although it appears at least 10 times more frequently among adult females that among adult males. The symptoms of the disease are the same in men and women. People of Hispanic, African, Native American and Asian origins are thought to develop lupus more frequently than Caucasians.
TYPES of LUPUS. There are 3 types of : Cutaneous, Systemic, and Drug induced lupus.
Cutaneous lupus is limited to the skin and is identified by a rash that may appear on the face, neck, or scalp. Sometimes lupus first appears only in the skin,but goes on to become systemic( throughout the body).
Systemic lupus is usually more sever than cutaneous lupus and can affect almost any organ or system of the body. The skin,joints,lungs,kidneys, brain, blood or other organs and tissues may be affected. generally , no two people with lupus will have identical symptoms. Lupus may include periods in which few, if any, symptoms are evident( remission) and other times in which the disease becomes active ( flare).
Certain prescribed drugs can create a lupus-like syndrome called drug-induced lupus, which is similar to systemic lupus. The drugs most commonly connected with drug-induced lupus are: hydralazine( used to treat hypertension) and procainamide( used to treat irregular heart rhythms0> not everyone who takes these drugs will develop drug-induced lupus. When these medications are discontinued, the symptoms of lupus usually fade.