Monday, September 8, 2008

my two quilts

It doesn't normally take two years to make two quilts, I have two others is very close stages of completion. I have also made to quilted sweatshirt jackets.

maeve's quilt

Just over a year ago I took up quilting. My first quilt was made from my grandson's (two) baby clothes.

This is my second completed qulit. (I am working on mt third and fourth) This is for my granddaughter Maeve. She is now 2. First I cross stitch her name.Then thought how could I frame it so it would be unique. I had a bunch of fabric, my mother had bought for me at a garage sale. So I decided to make a quilt. Then in January I joined a quilt group at church and was taught how to hand applique, I went a little nuts with that techinque, the large flowers on the top and bottom , the hands, the pink rabbitsand the large flowers on the yellow squares are all applique. But I couldn't stop there. I learned how to make yo-yo's and the five flowers above the cross stitch are yo-yo's. They hands are Maeve's hands at 18 months. I love bunnies so there are bunnies all over , can you see them all?

almost done with the pumpkin carvin'

This is been such a great time. I have only one more to make , several to add to this blog.